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The story so far: In 2015 EndChan was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move

This is an anonymous imageboard that promotes ideas over identity. Here anyone can run their own boards. The only three global rules are:

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>>/ausneets/248653 >>248650 I have a spare buried in the backyard in an old film canister because I did that a few times.
>>/imouto/58260 >>58256 sure, you can believe im in apopoka look im sorry if i hurt you i didnt know you had feelings for me
>>/ausneets/248652 >>248645 I might go have one anyway, she knows I choof.
>>/ausneets/248651 >>248648 I'd take losing a shitty phone over house/car keys any day of the week
>>/imouto/58259 There was supposed to be words in that last post, but I hotkeyed the new reply. Mike, this guy has posted on ponychan before to
>>/ausneets/248650 >>248643 I had all the car doors open and was looking under seats getting frustrated. Fucking chicken kept trying to get in.
>>/ausneets/248649 >>248647 Good luck m8, I braved Kmart for the first time in a year last week.
>>/fscchan/1745 >>1744 Kuhaku Gokko https://youtu.be/gy6U3agc1Zo https://youtu.be/_bfw_CbyzX0 https://youtu.be/CPHPOjFv5eE
>>/imouto/58258 >>58255 **I realized that the courses I'm taking probably aren't gonna matter, so I might just dropperino**
>>/ausneets/248648 >>248643 still not as bad as the "dude where is my phone" moment

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